Who Is Dr. Louis A. Giordano

Dr. Giordano was born in the Bronx, NY in 1965. Before he started college, Dr. Giordano owned and operated two businesses (general contracting/finished carpentry, & catering) in New Jersey. His sister Maryann died in 1986 after a four and a half year struggle with cancer. After Dr. Giordano’s last treatment for brain cancer in April 1990, he began his undergraduate studies in psychology. In December of that same year, he met Jeanne Ann Rofrano, who were married from July 1994 until October 2011. Dr. Giordano is the grateful father of Maryann who was born in 1996 (the year he earned his Masters) and Anthony who was born in 1999 (the year he earned his Doctorate). In October 2016, Dr. Giordano and Lisa got married and are savoring life together. These and many other experiences help Dr. Giordano understand first hand the impact of living with and losing a terminally ill sibling, the effects of losing a child on parents, being diagnosed and treated for cancer, and the challenges related to marriage, divorce, raising children, remarriage, and caring for aging parents.

Dr. Giordano is a State Licensed, and Nationally Certified Counselor offering independent clinical counseling services after many years of providing counseling services in academic medical centers and conducting clinical research. He holds a Masters of Science in Behavior Analysis and Therapy, a doctorate in Rehabilitation (RhD), completed a post doctoral fellowship in behavioral pharmacology. For details of his clinical and research experience, please click on the Professional tab above. Dr. Giordano is licensed as a professional counselor in the state of North Carolina (LPC #5096), and is Board Certified as a Nationally Certified Counselor (NCC #215987). Also, the International board of Christian Counselors has certified that Dr. Giordano meets their stringent standards for excellence in Christian Counseling by recognizing him as a Board Certified Professional Christian Counselor (BCPCC #0063). Dr. Giordano was among the first 100 BCPCC within this international community of Professional Christian Counselors.

Contact Dr. Giordano at (919) 451-1523